Election 2017: your guide to Welsh Local Elections


Over the last ten years Positif has established itself as the main election expert in Wales. We have brought to you comprehensive election guides and ongoing updates for the National Assembly, Local Government and General elections.
On 4th May this year the local government elections in Wales will be held across the 22 unitary authorities, and once again we are pleased to offer the Positif Election 2017 guide which is free of charge. Our Election 2017 guide will include the following elements:

  • Contact database for leaders in each Council – a database of the party leaders in each Council.
  • Results Database 2017 – a summary of all the Welsh results within the 22 councils.
  • Contact Database – a database of all 1264 elected councillors which will include emails, addresses and telephone numbers where publicly available.
  • Analysis Event – Positif will host an event in May to analyse the electoral results for each local authority and a detailed profile of each local authority which includes social, economic and political analysis.

To sign up for the service email susan@positifgroup.co.uk.