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Wales and the family of nations

Beryl Wichard's thoughts on Wales as a multicultural society and the National Assembly's role in addressing religious extremism

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Positif yn recriwtio

The Grouse and the Gander

Positif's Alun Gruffudd explores some of the implications for Wales in a post #IndyRef world.

Positif's Winter 2013 Newsletter

All of the latest goings on in the Winter Wonderland that is Positif.

Open to the Question

Positif digs into issues of transparency facing the Welsh Government and National Assembly for Wales.

Won’t Somebody Please Think of the Children…

Positif examines some of the narrative that has evolved around PISA results since 2009.

Budgeting for Success

Positif's run down of the Welsh Government budget for 2014/15

Rhodri crowned King of Public Affairs Cymru

Congratulations to Rhodri Ab Owen whose hard work on the Executive Committee of Public Affairs Cymru (PAC) has been recognised by his unopposed election to the position of Chair for 2013-2014.

BASW Cymru celebrates their 4th Annual Social Work Awards

Social Workers from throughout Wales gathered together in the Pierhead Building, Cardiff Bay on Tuesday 1st October for the fourth annual BASW Cymru Social Work Awards yet again organised by Positi