Press Releases

A Budget of Three Colours

Positif's Daran Hill talks about the politics and winners behind the latest Welsh Government budget.

There’s no such thing as a free lunch

Positif's Daran Hill explores policy divergence and political fighting at either end of the M4.


Positif's Alun Gruffudd examines the latest developments around the constitutional debate in the UK.


Positif support the anniversary celebration of the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists

New Kid on the Assembly Block

Rhun dropped by at Positif to take some questions from our clients. Here's what happened.

Summer 2013 Newsletter

Your latest news and events summary from the team at Positif.

Three is a Magic Number

Daran Hill writes for the Bevan Foundation blog, welcoming the move to three year budgeting in NHS Wales 

Ambition, Statistics and Fluffy Bumf

Positif's Jon Antoniazzi discusses some of the problems surrounding the Welsh Government's Annual Reporting system.

The Ice Man Cometh

Daran Hill considers how the role of the Secretary of State for Wales is becoming more ceremonial than practical.

Third Time Lucky for Wales Act?

Daran Hill reviews the changes of course on the Welsh constitutional settlement.