The contrast between two governments and two parliaments is something Welsh Labour is keen to emphasise and, if the Welsh Barometer Poll is correct, this is something the electorate in Wales are in agreement with.  The data showed for the UK Government, the rating for handling the crisis well is down to 34% from a peak of 59%. The same sample showed the number of people who believe the Welsh Government is handling the crisis well has steadily climbed from 29% in March to 62% today.

Undoubtedly the Dominic Cummings effect will have been the major factor in dipping the ratings of the UK Government in such a catastrophic way. But what explains the rise in the Welsh Government scores? Its biggest acolytes will surely praise the Welsh Government’s own handling of the crisis, especially its policies on easing lockdown. Other explanations might be the increased exposure of the Welsh Government policies through the UK media and through daily press conferences that had barely begun when the last polling exercise was conducted. Maybe there’s also an element of people always needing reassurance somewhere so, as trust in the UK Government has dropped, trust in the Welsh Government has risen.

Having said all that, the Welsh Government has certainly not been blemish free in the handling of the crisis. Excess deaths in care homes, poor communication with shielded patients and failures on a range of IT projects have all made headlines, as was a disputed chip picnic. But none of this seems to have stuck in the way the Cummings trip to Barnard Castle did. With such volatility in polling, the next Welsh Barometer Poll will be even more fascinating.