As you all know, Positif is a one of a kind organisation and we’re really proud of the business we’ve built and developed over the past 14 years and hopefully will continue to grow in years to come. The last few months have given us all the time to reflect on the future and what we want Positif to look like moving forward….

Daran Hill

With that in mind, the founder of Positif and our Managing Director and Chair, Daran Hill has decided to hand over the reins of the company from September 2020 to new Joint Managing Directors, Rhodri ab Owen and Naomi Williams. But don’t worry, Daran will continue to play a key role in the company as a Senior Consultant moving forward and supporting key client accounts.  

On his decision to step down, Daran says: “For the past three years I have reduced my share holding in Positif and tried hard to help my friends and colleagues rise to new challenges in terms of not just working at Positif and growing Positif, but to be responsible decision makers too. Everyone I work with has risen to the challenge and I am confident Positif can move forward under new, fresh and innovative management.

“Having worked in public affairs for over two decades, and managed the company for almost fifteen years, I have been planning for quite some time to make changes. As many people know, the death of Carl Sargeant hit me very hard and has made me re-evaluate a lot of things over that same three-year period. I had originally planned to make big changes tied in with the 2021 Senedd elections, but the Covid crisis and the collective and considered response of the team means I decided to make these changes earlier.

“I will continue with Positif Politics for the foreseeable future and offer advice when needed but I don’t drive and I don’t like back seats. It’s over to other people now to keep growing Positif who can bring the enthusiasm, imagination and appetite the company needs. I’ve led for almost fifteen years and I hope they can match or surpass my record!”

New Joint Managing Directors: Rhodri ab Owen and Naomi Williams

Taking over the helm from Daran and jointly leading the company to the future will be Positif stalwarts Rhodri ab Owen and Naomi Williams, who have worked with Daran and colleagues over the past decade to take the company from its small, early beginnings to the successful public affairs company it is today.

Both Rhodri and Naomi have been company Directors and Shareholders at Positif since 2017, with Rhodri having first joined in 2010 and Naomi joining not long after in 2011. You’ll know Rhodri as the Head of Monitoring since 2015 and lead on health and social care clients and Naomi as Senior Consultant across numerous policy areas but with key client focus in infrastructure, housing, the environment and education.

On taking on their new roles, Rhodri and Naomi said, “As the founder of Positif over 14 years ago, we know that taking the decision to take a step back has not been taken lightly by Daran and we want to thank him for the faith he has shown in us as we take Positif forward.

“Positif is nothing without our clients and we want to reassure you that whilst the world around us might be turbulent and unstable, these changes only mean continued stability and continuity from Positif and the services you receive from us.

“Both of us, along with the whole Positif team have worked hard in recent years to double the number of clients we have and develop Positif into the public affairs company with the biggest number of clients in Wales and look forward to building on what Daran has built in the future.”

What else is changing?

Susan Bowen – Company Chair & Office and Events Manager

Susan Bowen

Susan has worked in Positif since 2008, with her role changing to match her work life balance. She also became a Director and shareholder in the company from 2017 onward.

She continues as the Office and Events Manager for the company but also becomes the Chair of the Board of Positif, allowing her to focus her considerable organisational and management skills on company growth and development.

Dafydd HuwHead of Monitoring and Director

Dafydd Huw

Dafydd joined Positif in 2016 (but it feels much longer!) and has proven himself as a highly valued and highly professional member of the team. He took on additional responsibilities in terms of managing the monitoring output in 2019, and from September 2020 becomes the new Head of Monitoring.

Dafydd also becomes a shareholder and Director of Positif. He’s an experienced researcher and on top of all that, he’s a talented organ scholar!

Beryl Wichard – Consultant

Beryl Wichard

Beryl Wichard has been a faithful staff member at Positif for many years and continues as a part time Consultant within the company.

She is a linguist by training and speaks six languages fluently. Her work experience includes many years in the academic, union and public sectors including the Open University, Cardiff Students’ Union and Cardiff City Council.

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