Positif is Wales’ largest public affairs company and a leading provider of communications advice, knowledge, intelligence and support to the public, business and voluntary sectors. We have worked with large blue chip and multinational companies through to small community organisations and our work has spanned all policy areas.  We naturally operate as a bilingual company with the majority of staff members being first language Welsh speakers, providing a bilingual service to our clients.

  • Our name and image– ‘Positif’ is the Welsh word for ‘positive’ and reflects our outlook and the way we do business. We’re a Welsh company and proud of that.
  • Services – We deliver a bilingual political monitoring service to clients, the only Public Affairs Agency in Wales which offers this service.
  • Communication – Our clients are welcome to communicate with us in Welsh or English. In almost all occasions we will reply in the same language. Every member of staff who speaks Welsh has an email footer noting that they welcome correspondence in Welsh or English.
  • Digital – Our website is bilingual with the Welsh and English pages being updated often. It’s possible to move from the Welsh version to the English at any point using the language choice button and most of our social media content is bilingual. Our newsletter and marketing materials will be bilingual.
  • Events – When we attend or host conferences and events, the materials we use such as pop-up banners, information for attendees, guidance and booklets are available bilingually. Should it be required we will also provide translation services.
  • Staff– We have a small, hardworking team of staff and, when recruiting new staff members in Wales, we assess the need for Welsh language skills for each new position, with adverts prepared bilingually.  

Positif will continue to develop and monitor the use of Welsh in its work and will review our Welsh language offer and this plan on an annual basis in collaboration with the Commissioner’s hybu team.