We provide specialist advice, knowledge and intelligence to clients on all aspects of political life in Wales and offer a comprehensive range of services. If you’re interested in any of our services our would like to learn more, email positif@positif.cymru or give the office a call.

Government Relations

Where do you fit into Welsh public affairs? Whether you want to campaign on a single issue or want to raise your corporate, community or charity’s profile, it’s essential you know how, and where to position yourself within the Wales public affairs arena.

Positif is the most established public affairs company in Cardiff Bay with all our consultants having significant experience in Welsh public affairs who are able to help you evaluate where you stand with key political stakeholders and work with you to devise a political engagement strategy that works for you.

Stakeholder Audits

How well do key stakeholders in your sector know you as an organisation? Positif recognises that reputation is key and we can help you understand the current perceptions of your organisations and your work amongst key stakeholders.

We’ve undertaken many audits for our clients, engaging directly with stakeholders on your behalf and providing analysis on what their responses mean for you and how you can use the results to improve your image.

Political Monitoring

Navigating the political structures of a modern Wales is not straight-forward. What is really relevant and how do you find it? You don’t have the time, the patience or the inclination to do it – so let us do it for you!

Positif offers an on-going political monitoring service of the Senedd and Welsh Government. Subscribers to our political monitoring service receive daily updates and alerts and a comprehensive weekly briefing delivered to their inbox, with content that is exclusive and directly tailored to their organisation.

We also offer a unique bilingual political monitoring service to our clients. Get in touch for a free trial!

Brand-new for September 2020 is our ‘Bore da’ daily political update service. This will include a general round-up of key political events and a forecast of what to look out for over the next day.

Considering the difficulties currently facing many organisations, we believe that a generic round-up of key developments will be of great value to some organisations.

Get in touch with Dafydd Huw for more information or to organise a free trial.

Event Management

Do you have a product to launch? A report to promote? Stakeholders to meet? Positif has over a decade’s experience of managing events that have a clear political or policy dimension. So, whether it’s your annual reception, a roundtable discussion, a stakeholder event or a conference, take the pressure off and let us take care of the logistics for you!

Political Training

As we all know, politics is a constant moving and changing beast and it can be difficult to keep up with the latest developments. That’s why Positif offers training courses designed and delivered by us to bring you up to speed about the workings of the Senedd; the Welsh Government; latest legislation and constitutional developments; effective campaigning and working with politicians; and, on the policy contexts relevant to you and your organisation